Flat Rates & No Hidden Costs

Bankruptcy attorneys charge a legal fee that is set on a fixed or flat rate that typically encompasses the preparation, filing and attendance at your 341 court meeting.  Legal fees are set depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of work that is anticipated that will need to be performed. 

In some cases, issues may arise, such as special motions or creditor complaints, that may require additional fees to aggressively respond to such a situation and such fees are spelled out in the client fee agreement.  Fortunately, creditor complaints seldom arise due to the lack of fraud or misconduct in most cases.

Individuals should be cautious of attorneys who quote legal fees that are so low they seem too good to be true and who don't spend time to do a detailed case analysis of the individual's situation.

When selecting an attorney, more important than the amount of the fee, should be your ability to connect with the attorney and to sense that the attorney is competent and cares about your unique situation.  You don't want to pay a low rate and then find yourself part of a large bankruptcy mill law firm that hands you off from one case manager or staff member to the next with little contact with an attorney.

Attorney Michael Johnson works directly with all of his clients from start to finish, often available by email and phone in the evenings and weekends to ensure that clients get the care and attention they deserve.

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