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Below you will find a list of links on a number of different topics that may be helpful to you.  However, the links on this page belong to independent third party or individuals and we are not associated with them or responsible for their content and in no way warrant or guarantee the information or service they provide.


How to Rebuild Your Credit:

Information on Saving Money:

How to Be Prepared:

Bankruptcy Related Links


Eastern District of California

Northern District of California

Central District of California

Southern District of California

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling:

U.S. Bankruptcy Code

Official Bankruptcy Forms

U.S. Trustee Program

U.S. Trustee Manual

U.S. Department of Justice

State Median Income by Family Size

Supreme Court of the United States – SCOTUS Blog

US Trustee Manual

United States Courts for the 9th Circuit – opinions

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

Tax Links:

Internal Revenue Service

Franchise Tax Board

IRS Witholding Calculator

Tax Forms and Tax Publications:

Publication 1 – Your Rights As a Taxpayer

Publication 17 – Your Federal Income Tax

Publication 1660 – Collection Appeal Rights

Estimated Tax for Individuals

Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return


Library of Congress []

FirstGov []

U.S. House of Representatives []

U.S. Senate []

White House []

Social Security Administration []

Social Security Retirement Services []

Social Security Disability Services []

Social Security Survivor’s Services []

Supplemental Security Income Services []

Medicare Services []

Estate Planning:;


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