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   Bankruptcy Put an End to Debt! 

When your debt becomes too much to manage, then bankruptcy can be a  means of escaping from such debt and starting over.   A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or "liquidation" bankruptcy allows an individual debtor to discharge debt in exchange for surrendering to the bankruptcy court any non-exempt property to be liquidated to pay creditors.   I have reviewed and worked with hundreds of individuals in preparing and filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.   Additionally, for those that don't qualify for or want to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy I am experienced with resolving credit card debt and delinquent mortgages through settlements and mortgage modifications.  Contact me today to learn more about:

   * Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
   * Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
   * Credit Card Settlements

  Tax Resolution - Take Care of Your Back Taxes

Owing Internal Revenue Service back taxes or Franchise Tax Board taxes can be very stressful and overwhelming.  Fortunately, both the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board have different programs and ways for taxpayers to resolve their back tax liabilities.  I have personally worked with thousands of individuals in helping them resolve their federal tax liability and state tax liability.   Contact me to learn more about:

    * IRS back taxes / FTB back taxes 
    * IRS wage garnishments / IRS bank levies 
    * Tax liens
    * IRS installment agreements (payment plans)
    * IRS collection hold / currently not collectible status
    * IRS offer in compromise / tax settlement
    * Tax compliance / Estimated tax payments
    * Payroll tax issues / Trust fund recovery penalties 
    * Tax account review and verification of liabilities 

  Wills / Living Trusts - Avoid Probate!

An estate plan is much like having insurance… most of have insurance on our cars, homes, businesses, and don't think twice about the importance of it and in maintaining and keeping such insurance in place.   In a similar way, a proper estate plan can provide you with the peace of mind you need during your lifetime and the security and safeguards you need when you die or become incapacitated.   Let me show you how a comprehensive "living trust package" can protect your family during your lifetime and when you have passed on.  

    * Revocable living trust
    * Certificate of trust
    * Pour of wills
    * Durable power of attorney
    * Health care directives
    * Children guardianship provisions

  Business Planning - Organize and Protect Your Business

Keeping your business running smoothly and organized is critical to the health of your business.   Let me review with you the benefits of taking your sole proprietorship business to the next level through setting a business structure.   Contact me today to learn more. 

   * Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)
   * Corporations
   * Partnerships
   * DBAs


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