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To learn more about bankruptcy contact our office today for a no commitment review of your financial situation.  Get answers to your questions, such as how long does bankruptcy take?  Can I keep my car, my house, my bank accounts?  Will bankruptcy impact my credit or help me rebuild my credit?  How do I qualify for bankruptcy? How much does it cost?   Get answers to these questions and more when you call.

Your personal information is kept private and confidential under attorney client privilege.  Lodi Lawyer Michael Johnson has worked with hundreds of clients and will help put your fears aside.  During your consultation you will learn about the bankruptcy process, the time and cost involved, what property you can keep, and how your creditor issues can possibly go away.

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The City of Lodi, California is suburb that lies south of Sacramento.  Lodi, California is located south of Sacramento and is an attractive place to live.  Lodi has two major freeways, highway 5 and 99, that parallel the city making it convenient for commuters that work in Sacramento or Stockton.  Also,Lodi is known for its good schools and its robust agricultural economy, being a major wine producers.   However, many people living in Lodi, like many cities in California, have been hit by the downturn in the economy and the housing crisis.  Many homeowners have tried working banks for a loan modification and the California foreclosure process to no avail.  Bankruptcy is designed to help individuals get a fresh start. 

If you would like to learn more about debt relief through filing bankruptcy, contact our office today for a no charge case review.   Educate yourself and have your questions answered directly by an attorney. 

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